Alliterative Aphorism - No.4

Creation - so
Curdles the will

“That won’t fly” - “You can’t do that” - “no-one’s ever done that before” - “Not invented here”; the continuous strains of unbelief and lack of faith in anything that might be different, anything that breaks the constraining shackles of convention does indeed, even to the hardiest, warp the faith in even the simplest forms of progress.

I have spent my whole life as a creative design engineer - even manufacturing my own ideas - my whole life as an innovator of Pro-Bono activities being met with all those condemnations - it requires a steely faith backed with enormous competence to back one’s knowledge that indeed it can be done - to achieve anything.

Every step forward, whether Spiritual, social, secular, scientific, mechanical - any change of the status quo is met with a barrage of indifference and negatives driven home with an absolute certainty by the ‘bureaucrats of today’ the perpetuators of ‘stick in the mud’, the protectors of ‘free-lunches’ with those too frightened to lift their heads above the parapet, the timid and those of no intellect. If we add to these dread denizens of ‘nowhere’ the ‘priests’ who have burnt their fellow wholesale merely because he believed differently - The Holy Office got through millions - one is astonished that Man has made any progress out of the swamps at all

Yet man has made what progress he has by the efforts of those who have broken down those barriers. Where before the world was flat it was proved round and where religion said the sun circled round us in worship now we know differently - yet great men died to prove these simple truths. We claim ourselves as wise - homo sapiens - yet we resist the truths that our searchers lay before us. Thus it is also with any form of creation even to the point where those on your own ‘side’ keen not to be proved inadequate will dismiss your efforts to ensure they are not proved wrong. Man is so wise that he would rather immolate his fellow than admit his error by placing every hurdle in front of him to ensure that he fails. It is not fun to be burnt for your beliefs nor have all taken from you before you prove your point - and thus less progress and less benefit attains to mankind because of the stupidities of those whose habit is constant censure.

© Amos Midwinter

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