This website is the product of one mind whose life has been driven by ‘WHY?’ and ‘DOES IT WORK?’ - so he’s no airy-fairy revolutionary freak. 40 years his own manufacturing engineer skilled across a wide front, then 10 years seeking the truths of the Human Condition through Reasoned Thought - so is a votive of no god nor any creed; then he created things but now he creates ideas whose originality lies in his un-coded look at classical understandings to create new views upon historic eternals He’s initiated or been involved with a wide range of Pro-Bono activities, has been creating and commissioning Art and artifacts for half a century, has created and edited Newsletters (5), run Associations (many), chaired Committee’s and fought Campaigns(3); in 2001 he stood for Parliament on an ‘anti-EU’ ticket - publishing his own material he got four times the average UKIP vote. He’s ‘been there, done that’ and printed many of the T shirts.

Knowing ‘who I am’ (today’s corroding ‘fame-freak’) can only distract from what I’ve written - do we have a TV interview with St Paul before thrilling to his words on Love or a ‘peer review’ of Milton’s “Areopagitica” before its reading before a stunned Long Parliament House of Lords or did Burke have an editor for “Reflections upon the Revolution in France”? All that matters is that my words move people enough to get them THINKING - then moving

Completed texts under his ‘Dissent’ pseudonym, Amos Midwinter, are;

“An Old Morality for a New Revolution”
“Leadership for the Love of Liberty”
“Six Essays for Freedom”
“Socialism’s Sepsis, A Study in The Results of Worshiping False Gods”
“The Pilgrimage of Skills”; “The Principles & Practices of the Processes of Thinking”.

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