Six Essays for Freedom

These "Six Essays" were written at the suggestion of one interested in Radio - but Radio closed its doors. They are a trumpet call to arms to assault The Cage in which the The State has locked us. Their aim is to give to Britain the ideas and words to reclaim its ancient Freedoms and the magnificent William Cobbett did through his "Political Register", alongside the immensely brave Dissenting Press, which educated the people of their oppression in Georgian England. I stand where Cobbett did so they provide complete diagnoses from symptoms, through the disease, to the cause of the disease in order to provide the cures - as any engineer seeks to. They are an entirely fresh voice, like Blake's for;

If Truth of any Sort is to be Preserved we Must Condemn the Falsehoods that Surround us

They are a focused distillation of "An Old Morality for a New Revolution" and its sequel "Leadership for the Love of Liberty" made by one horrified and distressed by the dictatorial, 'dumb', 'incompetent', 'uncaring', 'irresponsible' 'bankrupt' prison that Britain is Today compared to how it used to be when Britain was "Great" - a hundred years ago. The Essays that resulted were written to be spoken as a clarion cry to us, The English, to 'get off our arses' before we vanish up them. Their bullet style provides Britain with the 'one-liners' with which fighters can free peoples. Each was written to fit a half-hour slot.

There is a 'Health Warning' for the timorous; if you don't like 'separating the sheep from the goats' don't buy because the 'goats' are described in unequivocal terms "so that by their works ye shall know them". Britain's abiding self-deception is that, 'all's well', yet even when it accepts it isn't, is quite unable to call the lousy lice who prostitute it in the proper terms - thereby deceiving itself. These Essays do not mince the words they use for where un-compliment is needed, to serve the objectivity of freeing ourselves from their Cage, the text is exceedingly uncomplimentary - for I will not accommodate with those who traduce me.

The Essays are: "Dissent is Decent - Revolution is Right": "England and Kingship or Democracy Damned": "Rights are Wrong": "Education": "Skills and the Spirit": "The Emasculation of a People".
  1. Without the vigorous exercise of Dissent tyrannies oppress - the ideological tyranny of Socialism is the worst tyranny Man has suffered for being a Tyranny of the Mind, so powerful as to have sapped our will to deny it - Freedom can not be had this way.
  2. Without the governance of the excellent, as Plato invoked, 'for the enablement of all equally' and without a 'longstop' to prevent the rise of tyrannies of preference, a people becomes divided against itself - which division has been Socialism's method, driven by the spurious virtues of The Democratic Process, since its birth - Freedom can not be had this way, far less 'civilisation'.
  3. When 'Rights' are spread about then 'wrongs' are spread similarly to become a series of differentiating oppressions which atrophy the Duties upon which Civis must be based. When a people is driven to war with itself through divisive preference Freedom can not exist.
  4. Without an Education that grants the ability of Independent Diagnostic Thought - all else that it may claim is merely a 'National' prescription - the first port of any tyranny. When 80% of the working population is deemed 'illiterate' (Britain today) then it is deeply un-Free - unable either to help itself nor escape The Cage of the 'tick-box' world its oppressors wind round it.
  5. Without Skills, competence, then we lie like whitened worms, deeply un-Free for at the mercy of any who would step upon us; but further, since Man is aToolmaker, with 'making embedded within his Spiritual compass, he returns to brute beast denied the competences that make him Man
  6. Emasculated we are not Man, hardly even mollusc, just dross swilling in the tide of the oppressions of those, now with three generations so emasculated, who lead us to damnations they are too uneducated and too incompetent to understand.

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