The Pilgrimage of Skills

This little book is probably the most vital guide to the rehabilitation of our people - who now are a people 'Who Can't'.

Britain created its "Greatness" through the "Many Little Wisdoms" of those of its people "Who Could"; that "who could" was based upon the enormous range of mental and manual skills that Europe's first practising Middle Class developed, well over 600 years ago, to make Britain the trading and manufacturing giant it once was. Britons "Who Could" also constantly steered its unique method of governance in Freedom. 'Princes and Prelates' played small parts; latterly Parliaments have made little progresses, (when they weren't making huge regresses), but whenever solid advance or re-turn to the ancient eternities that enabled England to administer "The Greatest Empire The World has Ever Seen", it has been those "Many Little Wisdoms of Those who Could" who have done it. By making themselves masters of true understandings through manifold skills they kept England on the road of 'Greatness'. You and I, the people, did this down England's history but now we lie trapped in a myriad Cages because possessing no skills to return our people to the values and virtues of a finer age for being so 'dumb' - for now Britain is peopled by "Those who Can't" who have set us within;
  • An age when Britons can't make anything or repair anything - so simply throw it away
  • An age when we buy everything from abroad for our arrogance and inability to make it ourselves
  • An age when children leave school illiterate and in-numerate and Spiritually un-tutored
  • An age when "Skills" has been demoted to be a mere ajunct to the title of a rotten ministry which has destroyed public education in Britain
  • An age when Reasoned Thought has vanished the land for locked within the tyranny of coded formul√¶ subsumed within System
  • An age when "The Screen" bounds everything so 'nothing' extends beyond its edges
  • An age when our people lie trapped within the all-consuming "I" of "Because we're worth it"
  • An age when the ideas of possession of a Spirit are laughed to scorn for having been so long out of currency, we have a people whose Spirits lie dying in the gutter
  • An age when we laud the lousy and practice the Nth rate we have lost any idea of what Value & Virtue consist very specially as the engines of 'The Business of Life'
  • An age when the values of Art and Beauty to the Human Spirit are dragged in the dust behind the lousy chariot of Britpop and the masturbations of the Media
  • An age when Britain for very many years has ceased to possess any of the attributes of its former Greatness.

In this loss our people have lost their Spiritual Centre to become whey-faced for lacking any form of direction - except the 'Grab' at the heart of Socialism's ethic, - 'because we're worth it' - and the Dictates of Nurse!

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