The Sepses of Socialism - A Study in the Result of Worshipping False Gods

This Modest book is not a political treatise, as every Political Party has worshipped at Socialism's shrine since it officially surfaced in 1906. Nor is it an academic 'study' as such affairs are fit only for polishing academic's egos; it is a polemic aimed at showing how Socialism has traduced our people and why, with what the worship of this god has done to them - indeed since it has become endemic to The Western Ethic, what its worship has done to people at large.

The aim of this essay is to show you why and how this God - Socialism - is 'in thought word and deed' false and why its following has lead to our destruction - because Socialism has promoted Doctrinal Difference which is Man's Damnation.

By examining our history from the rise of The Levelers, the story shows the partition of Britain into two opposed camps through the rise of the "I must have it" that began at the Army Meeting at Putney in 1647, through the prostitution of the People by George IIIrd and his ministers, towards the ideological rise of Marxism which fed the 'Grab' of Socialism. It shows the fundamental causes and the endemic nature of the disease which saps our people today through Socialism's tyranny. When we can see the cause then we can set about its address.

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