The Showman - Introduction

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to The Showman who will address - in verse written specially for this site - some of the tyrannies we live under today.

There are many fine Victorian Essayists who deplored the intemperate tone which was taking over the press and the critical columns of the fine Weekly and monthly literature magazines - what the urbane intellectual French called ‘La Betise Anglaise’ - in which the reason of intellectual persuasion was being ousted by shouting. Indeed a number make a strong case for Britons not being an intellectual people so becoming immured in the tossing of bricks into the enemy’s camp that was the tool of Party Politics - shout first think later.

It is the saddest of facts that since Socialism came to drive its cause by slogans and force what intellectual capacities we possessed have been severely atrophied, indeed now with 82% of the working population functionally illiterate and innumerate, virtually non-existent - yet my three books are making a strong intellectual case.

Alas in our barbaric age where Art’s temperance is long out of fashion shouting has become the norm - when in Rome one is obliged to play the game the Roman way. Were I to be urbane, temperate, even-handed no-one would listen in which I am minded of Luther’s note that he wrote and spoke best when he hated. I do hate what the tyrannies have done to Britain’s people so, urbanity abandoned for more delightful uses, I shall adopt Milton and Cobbett’s style of invective used when they were Defending the English People against external and internal aggression, in the hope that I might break through the apathy that Socialism has clamped upon our once great people.

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